Paragliding savoie Lac du Bourget

A paragliding flight near AIX-LES-BAINS


come and live a unique experience :

A pragliding flight above lake of bourget




Stop waiting and try paragliding and do your maiden flight on one of the most beautiful flighting area. There are sensations at everytime and at every moment : discover the lake, and the freedom feelings.


Takamaka staff offer you :
Paragliding flights more or less long (around 10min or 30min)

and flights with or without acrobatics


Paragliding Savoie Alpes du Nord 


  • Paragliding above Lake of Bourget :

This is a wonderful sensation fly above this blue lake which is surrended by several mountain ranges !

A unique experience that you are not about to forget.

After your first paragliding flight, you will not see landscapes as you saw it before.


  • Paragliding Aix-les-Bains tandem Discovery

This is a maiden flight indented for those who want to discover the flight pleasure.
You will take-off in tandem paragliding on one of our 4 sites : one from Sapenay's col, le Revard, Chamoux sur Gelon ou Verel (depend of meteological conditions), you will be dazzled by our beautiful landscapes.

You will fly above the Lake of Bourget and its mountains, a dazzling scenery.
An original and sensationnal way to discover Aix-les-Bains region.


  • Paragliding Aix-les-Bains tandem Sensation

The pleasure to discover abrobatic paragliding. After the take-off and the warming to introduce these new sensations, your pilote will propose you several abrobatic figures which put you inside your seat : straight turns, wing over, 360°. Stong sensations garantee to increase adrenaline !


  • Paragliding Aix-les-Bains tandem Performance

It is a thirty minutes flight above the Lake of Bourget which is surrended by several mountain ranges to discover the region as an unknown world.

Without vertigo sensation, you will enjoy the view of the biggest natural french lake, the Lake of Bourget and the second biggest Nordic plateau of France, the Savoie Grand Revard's plateau.


  • Paragliding Aix-les-Bains tandem Adrenaline

For the most audacious, do a thirty minutes paragliding flight with acrobaties ! After a sweet take-off your pilote will make you crazy with several acrobatic figures : straight turns, wing over, 360°... Big sensations to increase adrenaline.


Find all our options right down and choose the one which envy you to discover this outdoor sensations sport activity !

1. Discovery tandem flight for children

1. Discovery tandem flight for children

Time fly : around 10min - 15min depend of meteorologic condition

To be safer, we do children flights meanly in the morning because the wind is weaker. So, this first experience can only be unforgettable moment for your child.


first time paraglidin


A partir de 89.00
3. Acrobatic tandem flight

3. Acrobatic tandem flight

Want to discover what acrobatic paragliding is ? You will take off on your tandem flight from the Sapenay or the Revard mountain pass. After a quick warm up, your pilot will show you different tricks such as wing over or 360°, it will definately keep y


4. Paragliding tandem flight aix-les-bains performance

4. Paragliding tandem flight aix-les-bains performance

Wanting to experience an exceptional paragliding flight lasting over 30 minutes ? This flight allows you to fly for longer, enabling you to experience new sensations in thermal winds flying towards the around Aix-les-Bains well above your take off!



5 days paragliding : initiation training course

5 days paragliding : initiation training course

Learn how to fly with your own paragliding wings in just 5 days... Whether you're on holiday or you live in the region, come and have a go! TAKAMAKA offers quality training and this 5 day beginner course is the right place to start. It includes all the


Adrenaline tandem flight

Adrenaline tandem flight

Wanting to experience an exceptional paragliding flight lasting over 30 minutes ? This flight allows you to fly for longer, enabling you to experience new sensations in thermal winds flying towards the around Aix-les-Bains well above your take off!



Discovery tandem flight

Discovery tandem flight

Time fly : around 10min - 15min depend of meteo conditions

Without acrobaties 

This is a discovery flight for those who want to explore new sensations.

You will take-off with your paragliding guide on one of our four take-off site : Col du Sapenay,


Option : Pictures + Movie paragliding flight

Option : Pictures + Movie paragliding flight

Offer to yourself an unforgettable moment during your paragliding flight. You could even have the camera in your hands, so you could realize your own movies !

A partir de 30.00
Prestige tandem Flight

Prestige tandem Flight

Wanting to experience an exceptional paragliding flight lasting over 30 minutes ? This flight allows you to fly for longer, enabling you to experience new sensations in thermal winds flying towards the around Aix-les-Bains well above your take off!



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did you know it ?

Some informations on two-seater tandem paragliding :
The tandem paraglider is larger to support two persons weight. There is also an other seat and space between the pilot and you (for more confort).

The first tries were done in 1984. There were made on Brasses'slopes in Hautes Savoie. After several tries, technic enhanced et flies over 1000m of difference in height were done. Fly after fly, take-off and landing became less dangerous and more precise. 
Today, we do not have to take-off on straight slopes as it was done yester years.


Why do we say paragliding " flight " instead of " jump " ?

Because you have not any vertigo sensations : there is no fall in the air before flight indeed but a simple take-off.

So come to see sweet sensation of sliding in the air !


FAQ: first flights in paragliding :

Don't worry, you can't get dizzy while paragliding because you are not connected to the ground. It's an amazing and soft sensation, we see the landscape a little like on a photo. Like in a plane, you can be a little afraid at first, but no sensation of vertigo.


No, paragliding is still a physical activity, but you will only have to take a few steps to take off.

First of all our instructor will explain you the take-off instructions: You just have to make small strides and don't stop. Then the glider starts to take off and takes us gently into the air. Under no circumstances will you have the sensation of throwing yourself into the void or falling!

Once in the air under the paraglider, all you have to do is sit in your harness and let yourself be carried! In the air you will be sitting a little bit like on a swing with a backrest.
Once comfortably installed, enjoy your flight, and if you wish we can even fly you for a while !

In paragliding, very few people are prone to airsickness ! (about 5%).
These are people who are also very sensitive to seasickness or to the back of cars. In this case take an open flight, nobody gets sick before 20 minutes.

It is done standing up and smoothly on the landing area, passing over the reception chalet.

7) WHY FLY IN PARAGRAPENT in Aix-les-bains?
Paragliding sites at the Col du Sapenay, at Revard, at Chamoux sur Gelon or at Verel (depending on the weather conditions) . The view is unique, you will fly over the lake, the surrounding peaks and the take-off and landing areas are perfect!

It's a magical site, one of the must to discover paragliding !

Don't hesitate anymore, you just have to know if you want to do it or not !
Sign up for your paragliding flight in Aix-les-Bains, it's a unique and unforgettable experience that you won't forget !!!

At your arrival: On the D-day, 15min before the scheduled time, present yourself at the paragliding landing base which will be communicated to you by the instructor the day before according to the weather. Then you will go up to the paragliding take-off area located at the Col du Sapenay, Le Revard, Chamoux sur Gelon or Verel. (Remember to ask if a shuttle bus is available, otherwise be transported).

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