Beautiful places to enjoy canyoning but also to enhance your performances !






For all levels in a dream setting, jumps, slides, abseils, handrails will be on the program for more sensations.


From discovery canyoning to advanced canyoning, enjoy a canyon made for you. Thrill, adrenalin, freshness, that's what our canyons have in store for you, all located around Aix-Les-Bains, Lake Aiguebelette and Lake Bourget. State certified professionals will be there to supervise you with a smile and in complete safety!

They will equip you with a neoprene wetsuit that will protect you from the cold, a helmet and a harness.

Then, it's up to you to come in a bathing suit and sport shoes! And off you go!


homme monter les escaliers

Beginner to confirm level

From 2h to 6h   

silhouette d'utilisateurs multiples

From 2 to 10 people


From may to october 

Different options for your canyoning trip in Aix-les-Bains


  ⇒ Canyon of Ternèze:

A canyon for all those who want to discover the practice of Canyoning with family or friends.

All   the characteristics of the activity are found in this site. Slides and jumps, everything is gathered for an introduction to canyoning accessible even to the youngest children.

  ⇒ Canyon of "Pont du Diable": This one is a level above, it requires more commitment with jumps up to 7 meters high and even more impressive visuals. Between the 30 meters of cliffs, you will mix jumps, handrails, abseils, water parts and slides!
  ⇒ Canyon of Groin: The "canyon du Groin" is a whole other level! It is mandatory to have already done canyoning before venturing there. Let our professionals guide you and discover the panorama but also the hidden and unusual places of Savoie!


water activities aix les bains

1. Canyoning à Terneze (Ludique)
2.3 heures

1. Canyoning à Terneze (Ludique)

Place : Curienne (30 min from Aix-les-Bains)

Duration : 2h00

Approach : 10 min / back to cars : 15 min 

Actions : abseiling, jumps, sportive paths, swimming, slides. 


Be experimented (no begginer, no child under 12), be good swimmer. A sportive,


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2. Canyoning Devil's bridge
2.0 heures

2. Canyoning Devil's bridge

Place : Bellecombe en Bauges ( 35 min from Aix-les-Bains / 40 min from Annecy)

Duration : 2h00

Approach : 5 min / back to cars : 15 min 

Actions : abseiling, jumps, sportive paths, swimming. 


Be experimented (no begginer, no child under 12), be


A partir de 65.00
3. Canyoning Advanced Groin
2.3 heures

3. Canyoning Advanced Groin

Duration : 2h30

Approach : 5 min

Actions : Hard one, a lot of jumps (between 5m and 14m), sportive paths, swimming. 


Be experimented (no begginer, no child under 12), be good swimmer. A sportive, playful and fresh activity !



The activity i


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History of Canyoning:

The first exploraters appeared for the end of 19th century.

At the beggining , these adventurer were fish, hunter or shepherd. Canyons, not frequented much, were full of games.

Little by little, these canyons attracted the most courageous explorateurs. Armand Jamet, pioneer of canyon expedition, climbed down the Artuby's canyon in 1893, tributary of the Verdon (Alpes de Haute-Provence04)

At this period, equipment was not available, heavy and not much usefull.

Canyoning became more and more practiced from 1985 and is now an activity practiced by millions of people.






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